About Our Company

About Us

An extraordinary initiative taken by Infodreamz Technologies Pvt Ltd, IndiaSMS is a highly innovative bulk SMS and cloud contact centre company. Helping over uncountable clients with our extraordinary services, we help you to drive up your customer engagement by providing you with the most efficient web, messaging and cloud-based services. Started back in 2002, Infodreamz Technologies has come a long way by earning the trust of valued customers. Thus, for helping the businesses in realizing and achieving their goal, IndiaSMS has been created.

The continuous development of mobile phones has changed the communication landscape greatly. Our pledge towards achieving maximum efficiency and the highest level of professional quality has helped us to overcome all the hurdles and provide utmost satisfaction to our clients. With our services, we always make sure that you can easily connect with your customers without any hassle.

Be it our bulk SMS service, voice call service, click to call or miss call service, we only incorporate the latest cutting-edge technologies into our system to provide you with quality services. Moreover, we also understand the budgetary restraints of our clients. So, we have designed our services in such a way that every client will find them affordable.

Being one of the leading text, voice, cloud and web-based contact centre platform, we always do everything in our power to help you achieve success in your business.
Come join us at IndiaSMS and let us help you to reach the new horizon for your business.

About Our Vision

Our vision is to create a friendly ambience for our customers

As a leading company that offers unparalleled bulk messaging, web, cloud and voice-based services, our vision is to create a friendly ambience where every business irrespective of its size can grow using the services and tools we offer.

In the world today, every business needs to make use of the digital communication tools available to create customer engagement. Technology has evolved and so, our team adapts itself constantly to provide the customers with the best-upgraded solutions.

For a smooth and hassle-free experience, our services will be designed perfectly as it helps to get everything done in time overcoming every small or major obstacle. We strive hard to cater to the various needs that can make your engagement process with the customers easy and ultimately, pave their way to success. So, we have vowed to create a platform that every business can utilise in order to meet all their communication needs to engage customers.