Promotional Bulk SMS Service

The Promotional Bulk SMS service can work extremely well in generating new leads and boost your sales. Learn More

Sms Package Per SMS Cost Package Cost
1,000 SMS 28 Paisa 280
2,000 SMS 27 Paisa 540
3,000 SMS 26 Paisa 780
5,000 SMS 24 Paisa 1,200
10,000 SMS 22 Paisa 2,200
25,000 SMS 20 Paisa 5,000
50,000 SMS 18 Paisa 9,000
75,000 SMS 17 Paisa 12,750
1,00,000 SMS 15 Paisa 15,000
5,00,000 SMS 14 Paisa 70,000
10,00,000 SMS 10 Paisa 1,00,000

*18% GST applicable

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    Competitive Pricing

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    Multiple Connectivity

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    Real Time Delivery Reports

Promotional Bulk SMS | Generates Leads, Boost your Sales!

Promoting your business efficiently is critical in today's crowded market. Bulk SMS services allow you to get your message across with utmost ease.

Our Promotional Bulk SMS service is optimized to generate new leads and boost sales. It works as a two-way gateway, which benefits your clients and your business.

The content of your promotional SMS message will determine the success of your campaign. Our flexible product allows you to create that custom content. Educate your customers and prospects about your products, services, really anything you offer.

Our contact manager and SMS scheduling functions allow you to be specific, with the assurance of fast and reliable delivery. You can view real-time reports to assess how customers react to the messages you send.

Our team of skilled professionals will help with advice on the key aspects that will make your campaign a huge success. Help grow your business and reach new milestones.

  • No setup fees: pay ONLY for the SMS you buy.
  • Schedule messages to send at appropriate times.
  • Messages delivered from a dynamic sender ID.
  • Proven 98% message open rate within 5 minutes of arrival.
  • Our assurance of reliable and fast delivery.
  • One of the most successful, yet cheapest form of communication.
  • Reach a huge audience, e.g. at least 1 million recipients at a time.
  • The most viable mode of communication thanks to the rapid adoption of mobile usage.
  • Contact management capabilities to help group and prioritise contacts.
  • Personalise every message with assisted merge capabilities.
  • HUGE success rate, offering the chance to get maximum response.

Don't waste any more time. Make yourself visible in this competitive market with our promotional bulk SMS services. Your customers are just a tap away!