Long Code SMS Service Provider in India

Long code also known as virtual mobile number

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Long Code SMS is often regarded as the dedicated mobile number since it is a mechanism that allows businesses to receive text messages as well as voice calls directly from the customers. A low-cost solution, long code SMS plays a crucial role in making your customer interaction tactics highly efficient.

IndiaSMS offers you with high-quality long code SMS service that assists you in achieving all your business goals with utmost ease. Our service comes with a user-friendly control panel which makes it very easy to reach out to your customers irrespective of their location or time zone. Plus, you are also provided with the opportunity for managing multiple accounts for every sub-keyword. Furthermore, you will receive instant notifications on your mobile and the real-time reports can be downloaded directly in excel format.

Comparison between Dedicated and Shared Long Code SMS Service

The long code SMS service can be distinguished into shared and dedicated long code numbers. As we have already stated, the long code SMS service provides you with 10 digit numbers which make you able to handle a large number of customer traffic and drive engagement.

The dedicated and shared long code services have their own advantages. So, you can choose any of them as per your requirements. Well, have a look at the comparison table below to know more:

Dedicated Long Code SMS

  • Freedom to choose your own custom number
  • Localised numbers are provided
  • Service is completely dedicated to your company.
  • The resources are dedicated.
  • You will get unlimited keywords as well as sub keywords.
  • Offers traffic based message forwarding

Shared Long Code SMS

  • Choice can be made amongst default numbers only
  • No such choice can be made
  • The number you choose is shared with other users.
  • Resources are shared with others.
  • You will only have the keywords that you paid for.
  • Message is forwarded on the basis of keywords.


Long Code SMS

Long Code 2122929345 ( 10 Digit Number)

Download real-time reports

With long code SMS service from IndiaSMS, you get the ability to download real-time reports in excel format directly. Plus, the online inbox that you are provided with will display the messages sent by customers with time, date and the mobile number of the user. Thus, you will have to control over the 2-way interaction with your customers.

Manage multiple accounts easily

The best thing about the long code SMS service that we offer is the ability to create different accounts for each keyword as well as sub-keyword. Thus, you will be able to manage the replies for every keyword more efficiently. Moreover, you can also ask for a reseller account if you are interested in selling keywords. We also offer you with the chance to run the application in your own domain for extra benefits.

Strengthen your connection with customers through API connectivity

By integrating the http API, you will be able to boost the application connectivity and drive all the messages you receive to your server directly.

2-Way communication

The long code SMS service offers you with 2-way communication. You will be able to receive a message to your virtual mobile number on your online inbox. And you will be able to reply your customers without having to face any problem thus creating a string 2-way communication with your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01 Can I manage multiple accounts?

    Yes, you can create multiple accounts for every keyword or sub-keyword for the ease of replying. And every account you create can be easily managed from the user-friendly control panel easily.

  • 02 How will I be charged?

    You will only be charged for every SMS that you send to your customers.

  • 03 Does it provide 2-way communication?

    Of course, you will be able to receive the SMS directly from your customers to your online inbox with their mobile number as well as time and date. So, you will be able to easily reply them without much hassle.

  • 04 Will I get real-time reports?

    You will receive messages on your online inbox with detailed information of sender's mobile number, time and date. And you will have the opportunity to download these reports directly in excel format.

So, get your long code SMS service today from IndiaSMS and let your clientele grow sustainably with the help of proper communication.

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