Customize Customer Communication

The Cloud Telephony Platform that is Simple, Powerful & Reliable IndiaSMS is the leading cloud telephony player in India

Cloud telephony is an incredible technology that has replaced the need for a conventional telephone system with cloud-powered voice call and messaging system. Cloud telephony helps you to engage your customers in a better way. It helps you to build your own call centre, make as well as receive calls and messages easily without hassle. As a matter of fact, it lets you manage your business calls without ruining the quality of the calls. Furthermore, you can record your own personalized messages in English as well as in different regional languages for greeting your customers.

IndiaSMS offers you with high-quality cloud telephony service that allows you to drive up customer engagement to a whole new level. The cloud telephony software that we offer lets you real-time reports. You will be able to record all calls, maintain the logs and track the status of the call in real time. With our service, you can be assured about the quality of the call since our cloud telephony service is powered by Exotel. Above all, you will be able to integrate CRM software with cloud telephony to bring more efficiency to the customer relationship management.


  • Protect the privacy of the customers

    The privacy of our customers is one of the most important things for us at IndiaSMS. Thus, we have developed our cloud telephony platform in such a way that it masks the personal telephone numbers of the customers with utmost guarantee. Thus, you will be able safeguard the personal information of your customers and helps you to engage with people without worrying about data security.

  • Real-time reports

    The best thing about the cloud telephony technology is that you get real-time reports on the dashboard of the cloud telephony software. With our service, you will be maintaining the records of all the calls you make or receive, record the calls and check the status of the call. Plus, you will also be able to download comprehensive tracking reports for better understanding.

  • Record automated calls

    The cloud telephony service that we at IndiaSMS offer helps you to record automated calls and schedule their delivery. You will have the complete freedom of recording your own personalised message in English or any other regional languages without having to face any trouble.

  • Build your own call centre

    This is one of the many things that you can do when you opt for cloud telephony service from us at IndiaSMS. We provide you with sophisticated IVR call flows along with multi-level extensions thus offering you the chance to build your own call centre to engage your customers without any hassle.