Connect to your customers in a few seconds through Missed Calls:

IndiaSMS provides a cloud-based telephony interface which you can extensively use to generate leads, build opt-in lists, register new users and offer callback service with a miss call.

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Miss Call Service of IndiaSMS: Engagement strategy of next generation.

An efficient technology-based service; the miss call service allows businesses to connect and receive a response from their customers in a much effective way. The world today is changing rapidly and you need to utilize advanced cutting-edge methods to boost your customer engagement. With the miss call alert service, you will be able to instantly verify the numbers of your customers and incorporate it effectively in your marketing strategies to engage customers and generate leads. Whether you are trying to verify the contact number of your customers during registering process or want to add "call-back" feature into your website, the miss call API is all you need to do that perfectly. The businesses must always find new ways to connect with their customers and miss calls can be very effective for this purpose. Whether you want your customers to opt-in for newsletters or to get details about new offers on their phone, you can do it perfectly with the help of miss call service.

Like we said before, it can also be used in marketing. The miss call marketing allows you to provide your customers with extraordinary offers and discounts with just a miss call on a specified miss call number. So, you can understand easily how crucial the miss call for lead generation is. Furthermore, you will be able to get the reports in real time and track the performance of the strategy without any hassle. Plus, our services are designed in such a way that the call of your customers gets disconnected after just 2 rings.

With the goal of helping businesses to effectively engage their customers, we at IndiaSMS came up with the toll-free miss call service. Our cloud-based miss call API helps you to generate leads, register new users, provide call-back service and do much more with just a miss call.

A Single Ring to engage your customers:

Connecting with the customers has always been one of the prime goals for every business. So, you must have thought of a technologically advanced option that can help your customers to establish a connection with your business at a relative ease. To help the businesses to achieve this goal, we at IndiaSMS gave fruition to the idea of driving customer engagement through miss calls.

  • Bulk Numbers in Series

    Deliver coupons easily

    Every customer seeks special offer or discount coupons while availing services from your company. However, ensuring proper delivery of the coupons can be a troublesome job. Well, make it easy with the help of miss call service. Send the coupons directly to the phone or mail accounts of the customers once they respond with a miss call.

  • Push and Pull HTTP API

    Generate new leads

    Generating new leads is a primary marketing goal for every company. Go ahead to generate new leads and new customers to clientele by encouraging them to know more about the services you offer by giving a miss call.

  • Area wise no. Distribution

    Ease up the user registration process

    Verifying the information and phone number is given by a customer is a mandatory process during user registration. Make the process much easier by allowing the customers to verify their phone number with a miss call during user registration.

  • Without '0' Dialling

    Build opt-in list effectively

    Getting the concern from the customers while building an opt-in list can be troublesome. However, you can simplify the process by asking your customers to just give a miss call in order to opt-in for newsletters or other such services.

  • Without '0' Dialling

    Provide extraordinary support with callback service

    Customers always look forward to getting the call-back feature while seeking a solution for any problem. So, ensure maximum support by providing your customers with extraordinary call-back service with miss calls. Integrate the miss call API with callback feature and let the customers get the call-back from your team instantly.

  • Without '0' Dialling

    Collect information with utmost accuracy

    It is necessary to confirm the information that you are collecting from your customers to provide better service. Provide them with the option to confirm the accuracy of the information with a miss call and improve your services accordingly.

  • Without '0' Dialling

    Simplify the alert subscription process

    Whether it is an alert for the arrival of new stocks or a special offer, customers always love to stay updated. Well, you can help them in doing so by opting for custom alerts by giving a miss call to the specific number you provide.

  • Without '0' Dialling

    Run Successful Pledge Campaigns

    Running a nationwide campaign to change something or do good to society can be hard. You need to have full support from the common populace. Give them the opportunity to pledge their support to your cause with a missed call and make your pledge campaign into a success.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01 How will I come to know about missed calls received on my Toll-Free number?

    We provide you with a responsive online dashboard to track as well as record the responses from your campaign along with the location of the customers in real-time.

  • 02 Do you offer any technical Support?

    Yes. We have a team of dedicated experts who always work hard to provide the perfect solution to all your problems.

  • 03 Can I send a reply/welcome SMS, on every missed call registered on my Toll-Free number?

    Of course, we provide you with an option to send a reply or a welcome message on every missed call generated in the settings panel.

  • 04 Is your IndiaSMS miss call service efficient to handle large volumes during vast miss call campaigns?

    IndiaSMS uses a distributed telephony network which is very efficient at handling large miss call volumes during vast campaigns.

  • 05 What makes your OTP SMS Gateway reliable?

    The validity of your plan depends completely on the plan you choose.

Waiting for what? Just opt for our miss call service today and let us help you to be truly successful in this highly competitive market.

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A ring towards change - Missed call alert services

It is a platform that can be widely used by business organizations to generate a healthy feedback from customers. As the service is cost free for end users and call automatically disconnected after a ring it's not a hefty job for audience to give feedbacks in such way. Due to its simple to use kind of property companies are widely adopting this tactic for generating leads feedbacks etc as per the requirement of their organization.

We at IndiaSMS believe that 'A missed call campaign can create a storm of awareness, feel of enthusiasm, wave of change and most importantly generate business leads for you' considering all this in mind we create such innovation services that can return you most from your investment.