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Pick the Bulk SMS reseller service and collaborate with us at IndiaSMS to expand your business to new domains by enlightening others about the power of fast communication offered by SMS.

Become a Reseller

Acquire new directions in your business by adding another dimension

In the country today, the Bulk SMS Services are highly sought after as it provides businesses the opportunity to engage their customers in a better and much efficient way. However, it is not possible for every business to afford the infrastructure to provide SMS services. And the reseller service from IndiaSMS is designed for such businesses. Being an emerging leader in this field, IndiaSMS offers SMS gateways to the interested businesses so that they can expand their profit margins by providing quality SMS services to the people.

With our web server connectivity, you will be able to establish your reseller website easily. You will be easily able to avail the message units from us at IndiaSMS at a wholesale price. And you will have the full independence to provide SMS services to your customers at any price you want. Above all, you will have full access to our SMS channel support as well as marketing resources. Most importantly, our reseller service is a trouble-less solution along with dedicated server as well as a control panel. So, you will never have any trouble in managing your account.


  • No-hassle of programming your own website

    No-hassle of programming your own website

    With our reseller service, you will have no trouble in setting up your own website. We provide you with a readymade website. As a result, you will be able to set-up your website in a very efficient way in no time to deliver quality services to your customers. Furthermore, your website will be completely branded under your own business name. Hence, you will have no trouble in setting up your own brand identity.

  • A user-friendly web interface

    A user-friendly web interface

    The web interface that we offer is very easy to use and handle. Thus, you will never have any trouble in providing quality services.

  • Set your own pricing

    Set your own pricing

    Our reseller service has been designed in such a way that you get a complete freedom in determining the best rates for your service. Set the price as it fits you and increase your profit margin.

  • Provide your customers with SMS API

    Provide your customers with SMS API

    We provide you with SMS API and integration abilities. Thus, provide your customers with SMS API and enable them to maximize their reach to their customers with SMS campaigns.

Comparison Table:

1 Steps Involved Sending SMS with IndiaSMS Sending SMS without IndiaSMS
2 Technical Knowledge Required You do not need to have technical knowledge. It is easy to manage through user-friendly interface of reseller panel. Technical knowledge is mandatory.
3 API and other integrations You will be able to provide your API to your customers along with long and short code integrations. The API access is limited.
4 Customer Support Dedicated customer support. Irrespective of the problems you face, you will be provided with best solutions immediately. You will not receive any satisfactory support from the reseller providers.
5 Logging in your reseller account Quick and easy login. Logging in is a complicated process. And takes a long time.
6 Time Required Your website will go live within minutes due to fast account activation. Takes hours or days for your website to come online.

Get reseller panel for a bulk of just 5 Lac SMS

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01 Can I set my own site name?

    Yes, we provide you with the ability to set a unique name for your website which will also be shown on different pages as well as meta titles.

  • 02 Can I create my own pages?

    Of course, you will be able to create customized pages on your website as per your requirement.

  • 03 Will I be able to give my own logo?

    Obviously, you will have full freedom of establishing your brand identity with a unique logo.

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