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A web-based automated voice messaging application, the voice SMS service allows you to connect with your customers in a more personalised way with the help of voice messages. Get the demo and drive up your customer engagement process.

Voice Call Service

Voice Call Service

Voice call service is really an innovative way to relay your messages to your customers or clients through voice recordings. Also known as OBD service, it is actually a very efficient system to manage the outbound calls that are initiated by our cloud telephony platform. The messages are recorded in advance thus you get the ability to send the pre-recorded messages to the number of your customers directly in bulk.

As a matter of fact, the audio can be fully customized as per your wish. Not every individual in our country is adept at understanding or reason English or Hindi thus it is always necessary to send the messages in their native tongue; so that they can understand everything clearly. Thus, the bulk voice call service is a unique way to transpire your messages to your customers; so that they can understand everything you try to convey.

With the voice call service, you will be able to send your messages to a plethora of recipients in a matter of minutes. And it will actually help your business to grow by establishing proper communication with the customers.

At IndiaSMS, we offer you the best quality OBD service. Our bulk voice call service is unique in all aspects. The technology that we use provides your call with a unique landline number. Thus, it increases the rate of conversions greatly.

Voice SMS Features

IndiaSMS Broadcasting application fits in all your needs and business requirements. We design our infrastructure for all type & size of businesses. High speed, highly scalable cloud setup, 10G network & huge capacity ensures fast, reliable & secure services.

  • Easily forward the calls with call forwarding option

    Easily forward the calls with call forwarding option

    IndiaSMS offers you to receive your incoming calls with an automated voice message. However, the call forwarding is promptly enabled as soon as your customers choose the correct option.

  • Ability to schedule bulk voice SMS campaigns

    Ability to schedule bulk voice SMS campaigns

    The best thing about the voice SMS service from IndiaSMS is that you get the chance to schedule your bulk voice SMS campaign at a pre-defined date and time. You will be able to send multiple voice messages at a time without any hassle since each message is handled independently.

  • Only pay for the calls that connect

    Only pay for the calls that connect

    With the voice SMS service, you do not need to worry about unnecessary charges. Our service has been designed in such a way that you will be charged for only the calls that get connected.

  • Easily integrable with third-party applications

    Easily integrable with third-party applications

    You will be able to easily integrate with third-party applications or systems like ERP, CRM software and websites in real-time with the help of standardized methods like HTTP for inbound as well as outbound methods.

  • Ensure better engagement with outdial and retry functionality

    Ensure better engagement with outdial

    Sometimes voice SMS fails to reach your customers when their phones are busy or non-reachable. But now you can ensure better connectivity through outdial and retry mechanism

  • Offers multi-channel dialing

    Offers multi-channel dialing

    We offer you the chance to complete your campaign promptly with the help of our robust dialing platform which is capable of making parallel calls at utmost ease.

  • Comes with DNC list

    Comes with DNC list

    You will have the opportunity to maximize your reach by filtering out all the numbers listed in the DNC or Do Not Call list.

Voice Call Packages

1,000 UNIT * Rs. 590
  • Rate/Unit 50 Paisa
  • Package Cost 500 Rs.
  • GST 18% 90 Rs.

1 Unit = 15 Sec

2,000 UNIT * Rs. 1,133
  • Rate/Unit 48 Paisa
  • Package Cost 960 Rs.
  • GST 18% 173 Rs.

1 Unit = 15 Sec

3,000 UNIT * Rs. 1,628
  • Rate/Unit 46 Paisa
  • Package Cost 1,380 Rs.
  • GST 18% 248 Rs.

1 Unit = 15 Sec

5,000 UNIT * Rs. 2,596
  • Rate/Unit 44 Paisa
  • Package Cost 2,200 Rs.
  • GST 18% 396 Rs.

1 Unit = 15 Sec

10,000 UNIT * Rs. 4,956
  • Rate/Unit 42 Paisa
  • Package Cost 4,200 Rs.
  • GST 18% 756 Rs.

1 Unit = 15 Sec

25,000 UNIT * Rs. 11,800
  • Rate/Unit 40 Paisa
  • Package Cost 10,000 Rs.
  • GST 18% 1800 Rs.

1 Unit = 15 Sec

50,000 UNIT * Rs. 20,650
  • Rate/Unit 35 Paisa
  • Package Cost 17,500 Rs.
  • GST 18% 3150 Rs.

1 Unit = 15 Sec

75,000 UNIT * Rs. 28,320
  • Rate/Unit 32 Paisa
  • Package Cost 24,000 Rs.
  • GST 18% 4320 Rs.

1 Unit = 15 Sec

Voice SMS Service Benifits

Benefits of Voice SMS Service

  • You get the opportunity to reach out to the Indian diasporas that are not well versed in understanding the English language.
  • It is easy to get a quick response from the customers through the use of the interactive features.
  • A voice call encompasses a lot more emotion than a text message. Thus, you will be able to set a personalised and more engaging tone for your voice messages.
  • Money will be charged for only the calls that get connected.
  • Record your own voice for the pre-recorded voice message.
  • We offer the opportunity to record your voice message in our high-end recording studio.
  • Completely handset as well as SIM independent. Thus, you will be able to use the voice message campaign irrespective of the mobile handset or cellular network.
  • You will have the ability to record the real-time response to determine the success of your campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01 What is the Duration of the Pulse?

    The duration of the pulse is just 30 seconds which includes 1 second of call-setup and 1 second of call-disconnect time in it. Thus, you get 28 seconds of talk-time in one pulse and 58 seconds time for two pulses.

  • 02 Is there a validity clause?

    No, there are no validity clauses for the service. As a matter of fact, all packages come with lifetime validity

  • 03 Is there any limit on the phone numbers that can be uploaded?

    There are no limits to the phone numbers you can upload in the phone book. But you have to make sure that all the numbers you add are in a .txt or CSV file.

  • 04 Is there a difference in rates for STD & Local calls?

    There is no difference in the rates of local and STD calls.

  • 05 After Making payment how long will it take for my account to get activated?

    Usually, your account gets activated within a maximum duration of 24hours. As soon as, your account is activated, you will receive SMS alert for username as well as password.

  • 06 How much time does it take to deliver voice messages?

    It usually takes a second only to set-up your call.

  • 07 How will I be charged for the voice calls?

    You will be charged for only the calls that get connected.

So, why wait any further? Avail the voice call service from us at IndiaSMS and take your business at the peak of the success.