Long & Short Code SMS Service Provider in India

Let your Customer Communicate with you

212292XXXX (10 Digit Number)

Long Code

Long Code SMS is often regarded as the dedicated mobile number since it is a mechanism that allows businesses to receive text messages as well as voice calls directly from the customers. A low-cost solution, long code SMS plays a crucial role in making your customer interaction tactics highly efficient. See Details

21XXX (5 Digit Number)

Short Code

Short code SMS service offers you with small 5 or 6 digit numbers that are easy to read as well as remember. These numbers are meant to be used nationwide. Short Code SMS is considered as a way to increase the generation of leads for your business by getting detailed information about the customers. See Details

Long Code

Thousands of businesses reap huge benefits from virtual number services

Dedicated Long Code

  • Freedom to choose your own custom number
  • Localised numbers are provided
  • Service is completely dedicated to your company.
  • The resources are dedicated.
  • You will get unlimited keywords as well as sub keywords.
  • Offers traffic based message forwarding

Shared Long Code

  • Choice can be made amongst default numbers only
  • No such choice can be made
  • The number you choose is shared with other users.
  • Resources are shared with others.
  • You will only have the keywords that you paid for.
  • Message is forwarded on the basis of keywords.
Short Code

Short Code

IndiaSMS provides the best quality short code SMS service that helps you to increase your brand equity greatly apart from generating new leads. We offer you with the opportunity to select a keyword and create multiple sub-keywords out of it to widen your reach.

Plus, you also get live reports on the messages that you receive which you can import directly into excel format. So, why waste any longer? Avail the short code SMS service from IndiaSMS and connect with your customers with simple short codes.

Use of Long Code and Short Code Service

A virtual cell number enables you to receive, forward and send online SMS messages. Any message you receive can be forwarded to one or more recipients. This enables the recipients of your messages, such as customers and employees, to reply to messages.

Lead Generation

Lead generation

If your advertising campaign includes the use of long code, you can measure the effectiveness of the campaign in numbers, based on the responses received.

Short Code

Online surveys

Get feedback of online surveys in realtime with the use long code. People are able to send replies to the said number in an instant.

Integration into web application

Integration into web application

Integrate the long code into any web based application to receive quick responses from people. There couldn’t be a better way to make your web application effective.

Create auto responses

Create auto responses

With pre-formatted set of questions, you can create auto responses which can be sent against the questions asked via long code.