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We provide OTP SMS Gateway Service in India which helps website & apps developers to send otp sms for mobile verification, registration & updates.

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Top Sectors that depend greatly on OTP SMS

One time password or OTP SMS is basically an innovative security protocol where a single-use password is generated and sent to the registered mobile of the users to help them access what they want easily. By adopting OTP to give your users access to your site improves the security greatly by reducing the risk of phishing or online theft. Plus, OTP uses a two-factor authentication SMS mechanism which further assures you to protect the digital identity of end users.

Being a leading OTP SMS provider in the country today, IndiaSMS offers you with the best OTP SMS service. Our platform generates OTP SMS that is tied to specific users which can be used for one-time login only. When you are using our OTP SMS gateway India, you can be assured of one thing that the OTP will reach instantly to the customers in your website without any delay. Plus, we also ensure that the data of your customers are safe with our two-factor authentication. Furthermore, you will also be able to track the delivery of the OTP SMS and you will always have extraordinary managed support from us at IndiaSMS to help you out with any problem. As a result, you can be assured of one thing that when it comes to providing OTP SMS Connectivity then there is no one better than IndiaSMS in the market.

At IndiaSMS, our OTP SMS API helps you to secure the transaction and access to your website. You ensure utmost security of your customers' private data and provide them with the best service with our OTP SMS gateway.

Ways in which OTP SMS can be used for your business

Being a SMS based confirmation technology that supersedes message latencies, heavy volume of data and geographies, the OTP SMS is very useful and can be used in several ways.

Want to know how OTP can be used by your business? Well, have a look:

  • Use during account activation

    OTP SMS can be used during account activation to check whether the data that your customers have provided is true.

  • Use OTP verification

    You can use OTP verification to verify the mobile numbers added by your customers in your website.

  • Accepting payments

    Make the procedure of accepting payments much more secured with the help of OTP SMS.

  • Validating the user registration requests

    OTP is also very useful when it comes to validating the user registration requests.

Top Sectors that depends greatly on OTP SMS:

  • Banking Sector

    Banking Sector

    Banking sector makes use of OTP SMS extensively. Generally, the banks make use of OTP verification to complete transactions through cards or internet banking. Two-factor verification mechanisms help them to secure the account details of their customers

  • Shipping Companies

    Shipping Companies

    OTP is used by shipping companies too. Shipping companies use the OTP SMS API to receive the shipping charge along with the successful creation of the shipping order.

  • E-COMMERCE platforms

    E-COMMERCE platforms

    E-Commerce platforms also use the OTP SMS to make sure that the payments for the orders are received successfully. The OTP is sent to the numbers of the customers directly to ensure a safe transaction

  • Web Portals

    Web Portals

    Web portals use OTP SMS to make sure that their users are authenticated. An OTP is sent to the phone numbers of the users directly to ensure that the data that the users have entered are authentic.

  • Mobile Wallets

    Mobile Wallets

    The mobile wallets have become highly popular nowadays. The wallets use OTP SMS for two purposes. Firstly, OTP is used to verify the details provided by the users while creating accounts. And secondly, mobile wallets use OTP to accept funds or carry out transactions.

  • Online Transportation Industry

    Online Transportation Industry

    The online transportation industry uses OTP extensively. When a customer books a ride from their mobile, an OTP SMS is sent to the customer which they need to show to the driver in order to avoid any trouble.

OTP SMS Packages

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10,000 SMS Rs. 3,304
  • Rate/SMS 28 Paisa
  • Package Cost 2,800 Rs.
  • GST 18% 504 Rs.
25,000 SMS Rs. 7,080
  • Rate/SMS 24 Paisa
  • Package Cost 6,000 Rs.
  • GST 18% 1080 Rs.
50,000 SMS Rs. 11,800
  • Rate/SMS 20 Paisa
  • Package Cost 10,000 Rs.
  • GST 18% 1800 Rs.
1,00,000 SMS Rs. 21,240
  • Rate/SMS 18 Paisa
  • Package Cost 18,000 Rs.
  • GST 18% 3240 Rs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01 What makes your OTP SMS Gateway reliable?

    At IndiaSMS, we are always dedicated to providing quality service. Thus, we always make use of high-end technologies while utilising years of experience that we have gathered to provide reliable OTP SMS service.

  • 02 Within how much time does the OTP SMS reach customers?

    It usually takes around 2-6 seconds to reach the customers.

  • 03 How long is the OTP valid?

    OTP is valid for 15 minutes for one time use only.

  • 04 How secure is OTP Verification?

    Our OTP SMS uses two-factor authentication which protects the data of the customers and keeps your website secured.

So, without any further delay, avail the OTP SMS services from IndiaSMS and take your business propositions to a new level.