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Wedding/Event SMS Features

The wedding is one of the most important events in everyone's life. A lot of preparations and planning goes into making the wedding a successful one. Well, you need to look after perfecting all the tasks involved in it personally to make sure that everything is just executed the way you want. Amidst all these things, inviting guests individually and reminding them of the special event is very troublesome. Well, make it easy with the exclusive wedding invitation SMS service from IndiaSMS.

At IndiaSMS, we offer highly innovative wedding SMS service. The idea behind this service is to relieve you from the extra pressure of inviting the guests personally. Once you provide us with the list of guests, we will curate personalized and appealing messages that will be sent to your guests. From sending them the wedding invitation SMS to reminding them of the event, we will shoulder the full responsibility on your behalf. Furthermore, you will be provided with the delivery report and updates on the process. In an attempt to make a work less for you during the busy wedding preparation, we send the wedding invitation in bulk and you can stay assured of guaranteed delivery. However, this service is not limited only to sending wedding invitations but you can avail it for any event or occasion.

Features of Wedding Invitation SMS service

  • Personalized Content

    Personalized content

    We will create beautifully personalized messages on your behalf. Be it adding the name of the invitees for directly addressing to them or the task to curate a heartwarming message that will have very personal a personalized touch, the content will be created at par your will. So, you will not have to worry about anything with our wedding invitation SMS service.

  • Send wedding SMS in bulk

    Send wedding SMS in bulk

    Sending invites to your invitees individually is such a waste of time. Worry not! You can now send the wedding SMS in bulk amounts to your guests thus proving to be time and energy saving.

  • Instant Delivery Report

    Instant Delivery Report

    Delivery reports will be provided to you instantly on your registered number to assure you about the successful delivery of your message. Hence, you will be having the complete result in your hand.

  • Fast SMS delivery

    Fast delivery of messages

    Eight seconds is all it will take to successfully invite your guests. No more of killing every precious second as the fast delivery ensures successful delivery in just a few seconds. With our service, you will not have to wait for the delivery of the SMS at all.

  • Scheduling and Special reminders

    Scheduling and Special reminders

    Remind your guests to join you on your special event with our event SMS service. From time-to-time reminders to sending reminders on the day of the event, we schedule the deliveries as per your requirement.

Designed with the goal of simplifying the process of sending invitations, the Wedding/Event SMS service provides you with an easy web-based solution to send hearty invitations to the guests within few seconds. Ditch the need for inviting every guest individually with the professionally curated personalized messages and get the delivery reports easily.

  • Welcome to Engagement

    Engagement ceremonies are always special. It helps two people to reaffirm their commitment to each other before exchanging the wedding vows. Invite your dear ones to be a part of this special occasion with specially created messages from IndiaSMS.

  • Invite guests to Wedding

    Invite guests to Wedding

    Preparing a list of guests and sending them cards individually can be really troublesome. Well, welcome innovation and invite your guests to join you on your big day with special wedding SMS.

  • Let's promote Movies

    Let's promote Movies

    Printing posters, doing ads as well as press conferences or making guest appearances in different shows, promoting a movie is a big hassle. Make the process easy yet efficient by creating interest among the audience with the help of event SMS services from IndiaSMS.

  • Update about Live Concert

    Update about Live Concert

    Live concerts pack in a lot of hype and excitement from the fans. Let's take the excitement to another level by keeping them updated about your concert with the event messaging services from IndiaSMS.

  • Invite for Political Meetings

    Invite for Political Meetings

    To make a political meeting successful, engaging with the workers as well as leaders of your party is necessary. Inform them about the political events and keep them engaged with the agendas of your party with specially customized messages from IndiaSMS.

  • Join Baby Shower

    Join Baby Shower

    An expected mother deserves all the happiness but the trouble of sending invites for the baby shower will turn those joyous moments into troublesome ones. Allow us to invite your guests to the baby shower by sending personalized messages to their device while you take some good rest and prepare yourself for the special occasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 01 How will you deliver the invitation SMS to my guests?

    Once you provide us with the list of guests, we will create the SMS and forward it to your guests.

  • 02 Will the content of the SMS be personalized?

    Of course, we will create personalized content for the SMS. You can be fully assured of the quality and appeal of the content.

  • 03 How long will it take to deliver the messages?

    The process is very fast and it usually takes few seconds to deliver. As matter of fact, it usually takes 2 to 8 seconds to deliver the messages.

  • 04 How will I know that message has been delivered?

    You will be provided with a detailed delivery report as soon as the message is received by the recipients.
    So, why burden yourself with the pressure of sending invitations? Invite your guests creatively with the event SMS from IndiaSMS and free yourself from all the hassles.

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Where the wedding day is all about celebration and enjoyment of every virtue a thing which adds sparkling stars to this lifetime event are your guests. As the hustle bustle of today's life doesn't allow you to invite the valuable friends colleges and relatives personally, apart from dropping cards in your dear ones place allure them by sending a text that includes the timings and venue place of each virtue that will arrive on their mobile an hour or two before the function time. This will give them a personal touch and feel too and mumble to them silently that their presence means a lot to you.

We understand that during events you have so many chaos and you were facing lack of time in your hefty schedule. Instead of doing all texting by yourself leave the worries to us just by sharing the text content, timing, venue, guest contact details and date and we will do all this on behalf of you.

And all what you do is address your guests, enjoy their company and design lifetime memories with dear one's on Wedding Day!