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SMPP Connectivity has become a quintessential necessity for the corporate and large-sized companies across the world. It has completely redefined the bulk SMS services and has enabled the companies to relay their messages to customers, employees, vendors or shareholders efficiently.

The SMPP or Short Message Peer-to-Peer is actually a protocol that has gained massive popularity in the industry, for transacting large volumes of messages instantly and in a hassle-free manner in between the SMSCs (Short Message Service Centers) and ESMEs (External Short Messaging Entities).

Thus, you can easily understand that the SMPP Connectivity is perfect for any company that requires sending large volumes of messages to their clients, vendors, shareholders or employee on an immediate basis. Transpiring messages with SMPP gateway is straightforward since all you need is just a single SMPP client at the application end for connecting with a remote gateway.

It has always been our goal to empower large corporations and organizations to help them deliver a large volume of SMS with SMPP Connectivity; thereby saving them from the hassles of using traditional bulk SMS service. Hence, we offer SMPP services to enterprises or organizations that are already accustomed to using the SMPP gateway or finding a way to ditch the XML, HTTP API and other traditional bulk SMS services.

SMPP gateway reduces the time required for delivering bulk messages as compared to XML or APIs. Plus, it ensures you about a global delivery of your messages and provides you with the capability to deliver the different form of messages without any hassle.

Features of SMPP Connectivity

  • 1

    The SMPP Connectivity that we offer uses standard SMPP 3.4 Version API.

  • 2

    Offers you the ability to send SMS in bulk amounts at an incredible speed that is much faster than the traditional XML, HTTP and JSON API.

  • 3

    Our SMPP gateway is backed by a robust infrastructure and provides you with a secure as well as a reliable gateway to send messages.

  • 4

    Assures you about good results through the usage of the powerful SMS gateway.

  • 5

    You will also get a panel to track live traffic apart from apprehending delivery reports.

  • 6

    Comes with the assurance of global coverage of SMS.

  • 7

    Provides you with the multiple sessions bind.

  • 8

    Acts as a transmitter, transceiver as well as a receiver using the binds mode.

  • 9

    We also offer you with extraordinary support for sending promotional as well as transactional SMS.

FAQs on SMPP Connectivity:

1 Do you provide support or maintenance services along with the SMPP Connectivity?
Of course, our technical team always works hard to help you out with the necessary integrations to your existing system apart from providing you with incredible support to leverage the SMPP gateway to benefit your company.
2 What makes your SMPP gateway reliable?
We have years of experience in providing SMPP services, and the excellent technology we use makes the gateway highly reliable as well as entirely scalable.
3 How do you ensure faster delivery?
We offer connectivity for multiple operators, thus assuring you about faster delivery. Moreover, we also use the load balancing capability to ensure maximum uptime for our SMPP server.
4 Will I be able to receive delivery reports using your SMPP gateway?
Yes, we offer our clients with a user-friendly panel that allows you to receive delivery reports and to track the live traffic.

So, why wait any further? Make the most of our bulk SMS service with the help of SMPP and take your business to greater heights.

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It (Short Messaging Peer to Peer) Is A Protocol Used To Send The Sms By The Client To The Telecommunications Industry.This Is Level-7 TCP/IP Protocol.Which Help In Fast Delivery Of Sms.It Is LightWeight,Efficient,High Performance Protocol For Sending Sms.ShortCodes Are Also Offer With Some SMPP Connections